Military Debt Consolidation Loans

Would it be helpful to get one payment for all of your debts? In today’s economy, credit can be much more difficult to get.

However, if you already have credit in terms of several loans, then it may be time to look at consolidating all of that debt with a military debt consolidation loan.

This can make your life a whole lot easier and it can save you a lot of money.

How Does a Military Debt Consolidation Loan Work?

How much debt do you have that requires a monthly payment? If you have a car loan, a couple of credit cards and a personal loan, your payments for these bills could be around $600 a month.

With a debt consolidation loan, the balances of the loans are paid off and put into one loan. With all those loans paid off, you now have one loan and one monthly payment.

The payment is usually much lower and the interest rates are often substantially less than with the previous loans and credit cards.

What Are the Benefits of a Military Debt Consolidation Loan?

There are many benefits for just about any debt consolidation loan. Simply having to pay only one monthly payment instead of four or five is often enough for some people to have few headaches!

However, for military members, one payment can be much easier since they don’t have to worry about missing payments because of deployments.

They simply set the payment up on an automatic withdrawal. Each pay period, half the amount of the monthly payment is deducted from your pay.

This can make things much easier when you are not able to access the internet to make a payment or if you’d rather not give someone access to your account to make the payment for you.

You also have a chance to save a lot of money over the course of the loan. Many credit card companies are now charging interest rates near 25%. Some are even higher than that if the payment is late or if you go over the limit.

Paying off your credit card debt can save you hundreds of dollars in finance charges.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Military Debt Consolidation Loans?

As with anything, there is a flip side. While these debt consolidation loans are a fantastic tool for many people to get back on their feet, if you get more credit and more monthly payments after consolidating your loans, you will likely end up in a worse financial position than before.

Not only will you have several monthly payments again and high interest rates, you will also be responsible for the debt consolidation loan as well.

It’s imperative that you pay off the debt consolidation loan before you begin applying for credit again. This just makes sound financial sense.

A Few Final Thoughts

A military debt consolidation loan can really feel like a lifesaver to many people. The chance to repay all those debts with only one lower monthly payment can be a tremendous relief for military families.

However, it is critical that new credit be avoided until the debt consolidation loan is paid off.