Omni Military Loans

Omni Military Loans could be the right loan for you.

Military members work hard to provide their loved ones the life they deserve. However military pay is not the highest compared to other professions, so once in a while some military members find that they need a little help from loan companies such as Omni Military Loans.

The Roots of Omni Military Loans

In 1945, a young American staff sergeant, stationed at France that time, was turned away by a loan company simply because he was young and had no credit experience. If he was old enough to fight for his country, wouldn’t he be old enough to manage a loan?

But apparently, the loan company thought otherwise, and the staff sergeant left, vowing to himself that he would one day establish a firm that’s able and willing to help people like him.

Five years later, he made good on his word and established the American Finance Company. Some time later, he proceeded to build Omni Military Loans, a thriving company that opened doors of opportunity for young servicemen across the United States and even in Europe.

What Can Omni Military Loans Promise to Its Clients?

If there’s one thing you can expect Omni Military Loans to accomplish, then that’s to help you in the best way they can. It’s their public commitment to help members of the military company find the ideal loan and repayment schedule for their wants and needs.

What Makes Omni Military Loans Special

The Omni company (sometimes mis-spelled as omini by some) mostly employs past military servicemen, family members of the military, and other people with tangible connections to the military. Omni Military Loans preferred to employ people with military backgrounds to give their clientele the best of service. When you approach Omni Military Loans for help, you’ll be talking to people who had similar experiences to yours. They know what a life in the army means. They know what you’re going through. And that’s why they’re still understanding even in situations when most loan companies would have already tuned you away.

Where Omni Military Loans Offices are LocatedOffices of Omni Military Loans are strategically located near military bases all over the United States so that you can manage your loan in utmost convenience. To cater to overseas service members, Omni Military Loans have also established offices in key parts of Europe. For servicemen stationed in other parts of the world, their applications are immediately forwarded to, a trusted affiliate of the company.

What to Expect from Omni Military Loans

Besides the convenient location of its offices, there are more to expect once you choose to ask for help from Omni Military Loans:

24 Hour Online Services – Time has a different meaning for military personnel. For that reason, Omni Military Loans made sure you can apply for a loan at any time of the day and when it’s convenient for you. Email support is also provided to handle any inquiries you may have.

DFAS-Supported – Omni Military Loans work together with DFAS to support you as much as possible. Through DFAS, members are able to pay their monthly dues on time and monitor their accounts through DFAS online. No paperwork, too!

Counseling Services – Are you worried that you’re making the wrong decision at the wrong time? Omni Military Loans understand your concerns, and that’s why they made sure on-base and off-base counseling services are available for your use.

No Application Fees – Other loan companies would request you to pay for application fees without even guaranteeing approval of your loan. That’s something you don’t have to worry about if you decide to transact with Omni Military Loans.

Wide Range of Loan Values – You can borrow as little as $500 to as much as $10,000.

Wide Range of Loan Purposes – You can use Omni military loans for any of the following purposes: debt consolidation, car repairs, travel, vacation and holiday expenses, furniture and appliance acquisitions, medical bills, tuition fees, home repair or just simply to have extra money on hand for emergencies.

Instant Results – As much as possible, Omni Military Loans try to provide results for loan applications on the same day. To ensure that a decision about your loan is made without delay, submit all the necessary documents on time, and be on hand to answer any inquiries the company may have. If your loan application has been approved and both parties have signed the contract, you can expect to have a check on your hands or your doorstep within one or two days.

A loan from Omni Military Loans could be just the right loan that you have been looking for.